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Schott 684SM

Good morning;
my name is Antonio Sorrentino live in Italy and in '92 I bought one size 36USA Schott 684SM in NYC, now I'm looking for the same model, someone can help me find him, seems to be a difficult thing, thank you, Anthony.

Gail on 04/24/14 at 02:34 PM

The style number 684SM is a Steerhide leather, which we no longer make this jacket in the Steerhide leather. We still make the same jacket in the Naked Cowhide leather which is the style 184SM. You can view the jacket on our website. The difference between the Steerhide leather and the Naked Cowhide leather is the finish. The Naked Cowhide leather has no finish and the Steerhide leather has a finish applied. Both leathers are the same weight and thickness. Gail

sorrentino on 04/25/14 at 10:02 AM

Good evening miss gail;
she does not remember, but we feel we are already a few years ago, and it was gentilisima, I required now to Schott NYC for a spare part and she sent me the final part of the closing years after it was broken because, in truth it is broken again and also some metal buttons were very spoiled. Yes, the Naked Cowhide leather 184SM is very soft, I prefer the one with the finish. Excuse me but what considte the finish on your skin?,
Thank you, Antonio

Gail on 04/25/14 at 11:20 AM

Antonio, In regards to the finish on the steerhide leather it is a finish that is applied at the tannery when the hides are being prepared. It does provide a little protection to the leather, but after years of wear and the leather becomes older the finish can wear off with the wear. I have since retired from Schott but still try to help our blog members from home with their questions. If you need another front zipper pull to replace on your jacket you can contact Jerri in customer service. She can send you a new zipper pull, you can email her at this email: Gail

sorrentino on 04/26/14 at 03:57 AM

Hello and thanks for your reply , it is very encouraging for customers Schott and especially for fans of the brand all over the world know that there are people like you who are very helpful. If deicedo to keep my jacket definitely contact the signara Jerri , who was quanche year ago, the person who sent me the pieces , although I do not see how I could replace the buttons , with the times that you are just broken into very small pieces .If you're not wrong in your skin Steerhide shop still exists as the legendary Perfecto 118 and 618 ?I still have a few questions :1. , But if I decide to ask for a " tailor-made" to Schott , do you think that I can get the skin Steerhile for my 184 as was the 684SM ? ,2 . I would like to send my measurements so maybe you could recommend a size USA , believe me it is not so simple to order an article challenging and fear of the wrong size . is it possible?3 . Whether it was possible to measure, let's say if I went back in August and September in the U.S. , I think comnunque NY, where I could prendewre measures for Schott, from you in business?thanks for everything and I wish you good weekend,Antonio

sorrentino on 05/02/14 at 03:24 AM

Good morning;
I found one on ebay Schott 184SM that could care for the size 36USA, you may, kindly, by sending the photos that confirm the originality of the product?
Thank you.

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