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How old is this Schott 125 jacket?

Need help on this 125 jacket, because it have some things different from other 125 pictures I have seen: -inside pocket is made of leather -snaps were painted or had something covering them Have Schott ever made the inside pocket in leather or was this changed? Does Schott ever used snaps painted/covered in black or was this jacket "painted"? How old can it be? Thank you

Gail on 07/26/13 at 02:56 PM

Based on the main label with the cycle rider and the YKK front zipper I believe this jacket is from the mid- 1980's. I do not recall jackest from this time period as having leather inside pockets we also placed inside pockets in the chest area. This leather pocket appears to be at the botytom of the jacket, it maybe something that the owner added. We did use enamel snaps but not on the motorcycle jackets they had to the best of my knowledge always been the silver. This could have been a special production jacket with differences from a stock jacket, check in the coin pocket for a white ticket with numbers, possibly with the style number listed. Gail

Encarnado on 07/27/13 at 07:54 AM

Inspecting that ticket it is a 615, not a 125. The numbers faded with time but I can see the others are 1167 060 Searching the internet doesn't show much info about it. What are the difference of a 125 and a 615? Thank you again.

Encarnado on 07/27/13 at 09:50 AM

OK after searching and searching I found this post -> Same lot as this one, it have the leather inside pocket too, so I guess this was "painted" by previous owner. I can see too that Schott changed the belt loops when the Perfecto motorcycle label started to be used, almost at the end of the 615 production (1986). If anything is wrong please correct me :)

Gail on 07/29/13 at 07:00 AM

Your research findings is correct. The style 615 was very similar style to the 125 and was offered in our line up to 1986, the 615 is in a Steehide leather. Gail

Encarnado on 07/29/13 at 05:06 PM

Thank you!

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