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Please help me ID this Schott? jacket

Hi, so my friend and I purchased this jacket at a yard sale for $10 a while ago,and its seen better days but we couldnt pass it up even though it fit neither of us, it juST looked so cool though . Well today it was on my couch and I happened to examine it closer (we've had it for about a year and this is the first time I have really looked at!) and I noticed the button on the collar said "Schott". I knew you guys made awesome jackets because I remember really liking the model Kurt Russel wore in the 1982 movie "The Thing", so I thought it would be awesome if the jacket I half owned was a Schott. So I researched quite a bit(though I have to admit Im not the greatest when it comes to research) and found similar styles but could not find any matches. So then I looked for anything on Robin zippers and found that some of your jackets from the 70s and 80s featured this brand of zipper.Still nothing though. In the back of my mind I kept wondering if it was a fake. The leather smells right, and the jacket has a nice weight to it and feels rugged as well.But if it wasnt for the button i wouldnt of even known that this could be a Schott, which makes me wonder if it is . So anyway if someone  could please enlighten me with any information on this jacket I would be thankful.And Im sorry for the picture quality. Thanks!

PS Either way if its Schott or not Im going to continue to wear it because its damn cool.

mcs on 11/28/13 at 08:47 PM

If I interpret the label correctly, it's a 141:

slnky30 on 11/28/13 at 09:59 PM

Thanks for the reply! I too saw the 141  but I just couldnt find if Schott made older models. Judging by the wear on the jacket it seems be 1990s 80s even?So it definetly could be 141 if they were around then. I'll just have to keep on searching for that.

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