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Perfecto question - baggy sleeves

This may seem rather silly but... Here it goes.

I have three Schott jackets, 125, 615 (much like a Multipocket) and an old Dur-O-Jac cafe racer, all in sz. 40, and while I absolutely adore them all, that old Dur-O-Jac, which was my first Schott jacket, has this... feature, so to call it, that I love the most, and that is excessively baggy sleeves - something that my other jackets seem to lack.

Both my 125 and 615 have 'normal' sleeves, that is to say, sleeves that are relatively slim, like on any other jacket, but the sleeves on the Dur-O-Jac are much, much baggier, especially in the middle. The bagginess stops with the sleeve zipper and goes back to normal at the cuff. Image being worth a thousand words, left example is exactly what I'm talking about and the look that I'd like to go for. On the right is how all my other Perfectos fit.

So, can anyone please tell me what exactly is it that I'm looking for? Is this perhaps a 118? Or some other, older, discontinued model? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, cheers!

Gail on 07/15/13 at 11:06 AM

Just looking at a photo it is very difficult to determine exactly what style the jacket is or even if it is an actual Schott jacket. Not sure where you obtained this photo of the slimmer fitting jacket and if description of the jacket was also included with the photo. It is possible it is our new light weight cowhide jacket with a slimmer fit, our style 626. I would really need additional information on the jacket to provide any additional information on the jacket. Gail

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