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Just purchased a new 125

Just wanted to say I just purchased a new model 125 from one of your authorized retailers.  Awesome jacket and I love it.  I had thought that you discontinued the 125 because last year when I wanted one my dealer said that you were all out of stock.  What was the deal with that?

Gail on 05/02/13 at 07:57 AM

Occasionally we do have our stock depleted in sizes. During the course of a year we have to make decisions on what needs to be produced first based on sales and need for shipments. We do get caught up and then we are able to fill in stock on other styles. Glad to hear you were able to now purchase the jacket and we apologize you had to wait. gail

Sonny on 05/02/13 at 08:09 AM

I'm 5'7" and about 180 lbs. and purchased a size 44 which I'm feeling may be a bit large as when I'm sitting on my bike the front part of the jacket seems to "billow out" some due to extra room there and I'm now wondering if a size 42 might actually fit me better.  I'd like to try one on before I actually put the jacket to use so my dealer may be calling you today to see if you have a size 42 in stock.

Gail on 05/02/13 at 09:41 AM

Just so you know we have all sizes in stock., including the 42. Gail

Sonny on 05/02/13 at 09:48 AM

Yes thank you.  My dealer (Legendary USA) said they will contact you today so they can have it for me to try on tomorrow so I can decide between the two jackets.  That's great service on both ends.  Thanks much.

Bunyip on 05/04/13 at 05:54 AM

Apart from my easy rider, the 125 is my fave....good purchase, enjoy.

Sonny on 05/04/13 at 07:35 AM

Thanks.  I've decided to keep the 44 as the 42 was just a tad snug and with a sweatshirt underneath would have been too tight.  I prefer the bit of extra room with the 44 in case I want to wear something a little heavier underneath.

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