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Schott One Star Jacket

Please could anyone help identify/authenticate my jacket, any information would be helpful. I was wondering if it were perhaps an old one star? but i have not seen one with an inside pocket? also if the zip pulls are authentic. Thankyou

Gail on 06/11/13 at 09:59 AM

I need more information, as the photos just show me our classic motorcycle jacket 618 or 118 depending on the leather. I cannot see if the main label has a Bull or Cycle rider on it. I also need to know what name in on the fornt zipper pull. You need to check the coin pocket for a white ticket with numbers as this can help Id the jacket. Gail

billh on 06/11/13 at 11:19 AM

Hi Gail, i think that the label is a bull and the main zipper is a talon zip. I was also interested about the pocket rings as they appear to be different from the usual schott 'O's. unfortunately the ticket is no longer legible. The epaulettes look like possibly once had stars on them? I hope these pictures can help. Will

Gail on 06/11/13 at 11:49 AM

This apperars to be the style 618 in the steerhide leather. Based on the Perfecto Bull label and the Schott Bros. name on the label the jacket is from the 1970's. Because of the buckle having miter corners and the "v" shaped ring pull on the zippers It is probably from the early 1970's. I don't recall ever seeing an inside pocket as the one in this jacket as the leather pocket welts around the pocket seem very large. There is the possibility that a previous owner had the pocket added. Gail

billh on 06/11/13 at 12:22 PM

Thanks Gail thats a big help. I was also wondering if it is possible to attach the perfecto fur collar to these old jackets? there is a popper on the back of the leather behind the label that is no longer through the lining. so i think it could have been possible that the whole of the jacket was relined at some point? this would also explain why its in good condition despite the overly worn label? what do you think. if i could restore the popper so i had three on the inside collar would it fit the fur collar? Also is it possible to get some replacement stars? were the early 618's issued with them? Thank you for all your help. WIll

Gail on 06/11/13 at 01:39 PM

If there are no snaps on the inside of the collar you cannot attach a collar to the jacket. I am not sure why there are no existing snaps on the collar as the jacket has the back snap. The back snap should not go through the lining as the snaps are put on the leather before the lining is sewn in. In regards to the stars you can contact Jerri in customer service about obtaining replacement stars for the jacket, I have listed her email address below. If you decide to purchase a stock collar for the jacket she can also help you with the snaps if you have a tailor in your area that can apply the snaps for you, not sure on how difficult that will be, or how well a collar will fit the jacket. Gail


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