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Horsehide - shiny finish

Hi all, I have a 618HH that had a shiny finish applied to it when it was new. A lot of people don't seem to like that, but personally I think it looks cool and I would like to preserve it (or at least restore it when the finish gets too dull). Is there a good product out there that will reproduce the gloss without damaging the leather? Any suggestions would be appreciated. ~Rob

wolverine on 03/03/13 at 03:27 PM

These jackets start out shiny and then dull down as they are broken in. If you want to preserve the shine then avoid breaking it in. Applying anything to the horsehide will bring out the natural graining in the hide and also take away the shine. It will be next to impossible to keep the arms shiny since just regular movement will crease the hide and thus take away the shine. Usually it's the other way around...people want to break in this stiff hide and also make the hide look more like leather rather than vinyl.

Gail on 03/04/13 at 08:59 AM

Thanks Woverine, you did a great job providing the information this customer requested. I just want to caution any protect that may produce a shine would probably have a sealer such as silicone. This type of product would not allow the leather to breathe and cause the leather to dry rot. Gail

firestarter0728 on 03/04/13 at 06:50 PM

Thank you for your replies. I'm going to just wear it like normal and let nature take its course. And, I never wanted it to look like vinyl, only to preserve some of the "new".

UnionGarageNYC on 03/08/13 at 06:07 PM

We've han good luck with Connolly Hide Care leather conditioner to keep jackets from cracking and fading. Gail is there something else you would recommend? Whether for a horsehide Schott, or even an old 141 that needs some attention? Thanks!

Gail on 03/11/13 at 07:47 AM


If you feel you need to put something on the leather, we would only recommend Saddle Soap for a light cleaning or Mink Oil to keep the leather moist and conditioned. Steerhide leather has a protective finish that is applied at the tannery to the leather. Naked leather has no finish which allows the natural oils of the leather to surface to condition the leather.

   Caution: These products may cause shading or cause the leather to darken, especially the naked cowhide, this is the reason we do not like to recommend a product for leather. Certain products can cause the leather to become stiff as they are coating the leather. Never use a protect that contains silicone or a water repellent product as this seals the leather. Leather needs to breath, these products will cause the leather to become dry and rot.  When applying any product to leather always test the product first on a none visibly area for any discoloration, shading, spotting or darkening of the leather. Never cover any leather jacket with plastic as the leather needs to breath. If the jacket becomes wet, wipe the jacket down removing the excess water and hang to air dry. In addition we recommend that the jacket be periodically professional clean and conditioned, this helps the leather from drying and the stitches and linings from deteriorating from dirt and sweat. Gail


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