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Flagship store?

I went to the Elizabeth St. NYC store looking for a 740 coat for my wife.I asked the clerk to show me a size 8,10,12 so that I could guess the size my wife could possibly need / a surprise present/ he told me that they dont carry women 740s. So,I asked him to just show me sizes 8,10,12,he said they don't have those. Flagship store? I don't know why a prestigious SCHOTT does not have a decent retail store in NYC?

Gail on 11/19/13 at 11:59 AM

I am honestly not sure what peacoat style you are looking for as we do not have a style 740S. The women's peacoat in the 32 oz. wool is the style 750W. Unfortunately we did not have what you are looking for in our Flagship store, but we are unable to stock all our styles all the time in the store. If you need help with sizing and ordering you can contact our customer service on our website. We will be more than happy to help you with your questions and sizing. Gail

iloz on 11/19/13 at 04:04 PM

Sorry,the 740 should read 740Ns,in plural.I asked about the sizes 8,10,12 because according to some is the coat size that is for women who wants the same 740N but in size that would fit them. I am not talking down your product,I think they are wonderful and I own Schott pea coats and I love them.Its just very hard to size and the only way to make sure if you can try them on before the purchase

Gail on 11/21/13 at 07:28 AM

The 740N is not a style number it is part of the main label  which is "US740N" that we use in all our peacoats both men's and womens. The women's peacoat style number is 750W which is the same make-up as the men's style number 740. You can check our website on these styles numbers and see the descriptions are the same. In regards to sizing the jackets are pretty true to size, if she is a size 10 then she would need a size 10 jacket. Once again you can contact Jerri in customer for help in sizing or placing an order, her email is:  You can also email me at:   We can also send you the sizng specs measurements for all the sizes which you can then compare to a jacket she now has for sizing. Gail

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