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Elizabeth Street Store NYC

Hello !


  I have been a big fan of Schott for as long as I can remember.I beleive that my first A2  was a Schott and I know the second one I bought in 1974 was. I bought it at Jacks Army & Navy in Westchester and outgrew it after 10 years. It did not wear out. When I decided I wanted a 689/Tracker I did my research and decided to take the train into NYC then the subway downtown to your store on Elizabeth Street to try one on in a 44.

  The guy at the counter ignored me for 1/2 an hour  while he chatted with someone about everything except the store.  A young lady did appear in the back but didn't know what a 689H was or a Tracker. When I pointed them out on the right side of the store she could not tell me why there were only XXL, M & S.She didn't know what a 44 was either. I left. Who would invest in a jacket from a place that wasn't interested. How would you suggest I try on a 44? Is Schott interested in Selling a Tracker ?

Gail on 11/21/13 at 02:24 PM

I sincerely apologize that you were not helped in our Flagship store. We at Schott realize the customer is important to our business and we try our best at Schott to help each individual according to his or her needs. As it happens we are sold out in the 689H jackets in all sizes except  for 1 pc. in a size 50. We do have production in work which should be completed in a few weeks. I realize you made a special trip to our store hoping all styles and sizes were available, but I can help you withy any jacket and sizing questions. I am not sure what jacket you did look at in the store as the 689H is in actual chest sizes and not graded sizes such as the XXL that you listed. Please email me at my email address below and I will help you in purchasing the jacket you want. Gail

Jason_Schott on 11/21/13 at 02:43 PM

I am very sorry you had this experience.  I am writing this from within the store right now, and I assure you this is not how we intend to treat people.  I can also assure you that everyone who works here knows what a 44 is,.  There appears to have been some confusion between 2 styles, both in the 689 body, one of which is available S-M-L and the other in chest sizes.    To be competely up front, our factory cannot keep up wtih demand, and therefore we don't have either of these jackets in stock right now.  The size 44's are in production and it will probably be 4-6 weeks until they are completed. 

I've walked into plenty of stores where I've been ignored and I've made it very clear we do not intend to run a store like that.  Our company takes customer service very seriously, and if anyone isn't happy we hear about it at the highest level.  Everyone working in the store has already seen this post and will make sure nobody else leaves the store feeling neglected.  As for making more jackets - we're working on that too. 

Delray1955 on 11/22/13 at 12:09 PM

Thank you far your responses. What would be your suggestion on getting this size correct as far as trying on a jacket ?

Gail on 11/22/13 at 12:47 PM

Please call me at 1-800-631-5407 so we can discuss the options for sizing and purchasing the jacket. Gail

Delray1955 on 11/27/13 at 09:51 AM

Well I took a shot at calling the 800 # to see if I could get a response on fitting a Tracker/689. Or better yet, trying one on. The person I spoke with was nice enough but the responses were muddled and confusing. I was confused betweeen the responses of ' the jackets in the store are not real trackers' and 'we dont display horse hide jackets because they become creased after someone tries them on and no one would want to buy a creased jacket'. At any rate there are none of these jackets presently available...the point is ? Sounds like Schott is going through an adjustment. Hopefully the quality wont change is the availability does.

Jason_Schott on 11/27/13 at 10:44 AM

Thank you for taking a shot at it.  Sorry you weren't satisfied with the response.  The only adjustment we are going through is that we're struggling to keep up with demand.  Nobody is more frustrated by this than us.  Unfortunately we cannot just press a button or flick a switch and turn out more jackets.  We need more sewing operators, which takes time to find and train.   We have been steadily adding workers and will continue to do so.  As you said, we are unwilling to sacrifice quality to add quantity.  At this point, however, it means we are short of inventory.  We do display and stock horsehide jackets, I'm not sure why you were told differently, but you are correct that we don't have any presently available, which is why we don't have one for you to try on.  The 689H is cut and on the sewing floor now, and based on current production levels it should be about 3-4 weeks until we have more.  Of course I wish I could make that faster, but we are doing everything we can. 

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