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Cafe Racer 141 - Length 25.2"

Hi have a great looking Schott 141 Cafe Racer, size 46, that I picked up last year brand new. The numbers on the tag are as follows: 6484108013, under BNDL: 024 and LOT: 46.

I think the jacket is a newer version because it has the chain and ring zip pulls and the inside snap pocket on the right side leather lining. There is no pocket on the zip-out pile liner.

The jacket measures just 25.2 inches (64 cm) in length from just below the collar.

My question is, does the length vary somewhat on these jackets? The jacket is described here and on most online shops that sell it as having a lenght of 26 inches but that is definitely not the case with my size 46 jacket. I was just curious.

I have also seen it advertized on some leather jacket online shops as measureing 25.5", which might be more accurate.

Or am I measuring it wrong and should I include the collar?

I'm just wondering if my particular jacket was inadvertantly cut too short or if this length is in fact in the regular range.

I have absolutely no gripes with the jacket itself as it's a great jacket, but I am a little perplexed about the stated length and the actual lenght of my jacket.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



Gail on 11/30/12 at 01:23 PM

The jacket was produced in 2011 and sold to a retailer in South Carolina. Since 2011 we have adjusted the patterns and the size 46 is now 26" older jackets would have been 1/2" shorter. Gail

garzo on 11/30/12 at 09:10 PM

Wow, you're data sure is accurate. I bought the jacket from a retailer in South Carolina (I actually ordered a brown model with brass zips but received a black -- but that's another tale). I thought I was getting the newer 26" version when I ordered. I love the jacket, just wish it was a tad longer.

Strangeley, the leather is supposed to be naked cowhide. I have a couple of other Schott jackets in naked cowhide, but this particular 141 feels like it's made of steerhide. The leather is stiffer, crisper and seems to have more grain than the naked cowhide of my other jackets. It also seems to be a lot more water resistant than the naked cowhide Schotts -- unlike those, water beads up on this leather rather than soaking in.

Thanks for looking into the matter Gail. You're a wealth of information. Much appreciated.


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