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Any Help? r.e. schott 47JM

Hi, i was wondering if anyone could help me out.... I have a Schott nypd 47JM, contract No: A2304T-0806W.. Leather jacket in mint condition and was looking for information as to when these were made and retail cost/value?... thanks in advance.

Gail on 07/18/13 at 12:49 PM

Based on the information you have provided, I honestly do not know what jacket this is. We have not had a jacket with the style # 47JM, we also do not use contract numbers. It is possible this is a private label that was provided to us to be used in the jacket when being made. In all our jackets there is a ticket in the pocket with lot, size and style number of the jacket. If this label is still in the jacket I could tell you more. I would also need photos of the jacket, including front and back, lining in jacket, all labels in the jacket and the name on the front zipper pull. Once I have this information I can possibly help you better in identification of the jacket.


jonD on 07/18/13 at 02:16 PM

Hi, thanks for the fast reply... I should have said i am in Scotland and not the states but might not help.. i have attached pictures as requested and hope it helps... Thanks.

Gail on 07/18/13 at 03:24 PM

Our styles do differ internationally, all styles are not produced or offered in the US. This appears to be a style our European distributors would have offered in Europe. At the top of the page you can select the option "Contact", then select "Store Locator". Under the store locator our International Distributors are listed, you can contact our distrisbutor for Scotland and hopefully he can provide the information you are requesting. Gail

jonD on 07/18/13 at 03:33 PM

thanks i shall do that ... thank you for the swift and efficient replies..

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