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641HH size question

Hi Everyone,

I just have a question regarding 641 size. I'm thinking of purchasing one this Christimas and I'm just curious in which size should I get. My chest size is about 33.5" to 34.5," close to 35" with a t-shirt or sweather on. I really like the look of a well fitted jacket and I always buy XS size. Should I pick get a size 34 or 36? Any feedback will be very helpfull for this will be first outerwear that I will be purchasing online, and I kind of want to get this right the first time.

Cheers from Toronto Canada,


slimjim on 11/24/12 at 10:06 PM

Depending on how you'd wear em. If you like relaxed look, go with 36, but if you want slim rocker fit, go with 34 or even 32. I have about the same chest measurement & I was able to wear 32. Trust me. There's more than enough room around chest/shoulder/under arm area. BTW, I do have brand new with tags 641HH for sale right now. Let me know if you're interested!

Gail on 11/26/12 at 01:35 PM

Just a word of caution since you are in Canada and exchanging a jacket size can get expensive in shiping charges. Based on your chest size I do not believe a size 32 would fit you. The size 34 would be a tight fit, if you prefer the tight fit. If you have doubts I suggest you contact our customer service with additional measurements such as shoulder, sleeve and height. You want to make sure the jacket is long enough on you. Gail
or call 1-800-631-5407 (international 1-908-527-0011).

MisterMethuselah on 11/27/12 at 07:05 PM

Hi Gail,

Just a quick question. I just recieved my 641 today in size 34. I am happy with the jacket, plenty of room in the chest, arm, shoulder area; however, when zipped close, the jacket is a bit tight on my waist. I'm about 5"6 and half feet tall and my chest measurement is 34. I'm now debating whether if should switch it to size 36, but I'm quite happy with the overall fit, just the waist part when jacket is zipped up.

Also, I know that the jacket is still new and quite stiff. Just wondering whether if the waist will loosen a bit once leather softens a bit? Thanks.

MisterMethuselah on 11/27/12 at 07:13 PM

Question to Slimjim,

Just have a quick question for you. With your size 34 are you able to zip the jacket close without any struggle? I thought about getting a 32 and I'm glad I didn't. Just read your for sale tread, but I didnt get to read up until now. I would have bought your 34, but now that I have the 34 I'am thinking of exchanging it for a 36.


slimjim on 11/27/12 at 07:32 PM

I have no problem zipping up 34 as I have very small waist (about 26-28). 32 was bit of a struggle, but was perfect length for me. As for the stiffness, it wears out as you wear em. It takes few dozen wears to break in. & yes, it does feel tight at first, but after being broken in, it's gonna fit really nice. So if it's just the waist part that's a bit tight on you, I'd say don't size up. It's gonna feel alot more comfy once it's broken in :)

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