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641HH size 38 for sale

Jacket was purchased directly from Schott in September. It's in excellent condition; I wore it for only a week before deciding to go with a custom tailored jacket in the same style. All the zippers function perfectly, and there are absolutely no defects with the jacket. It has been worn in enough to where you can wear it comfortably the first day you get it, but it still has plenty of wearing-in to go, so it can ultimately conform to you. Ships in original packaging from Schott.

Available on eBay with a starting bid of only $0.99!

Kelico on 01/19/13 at 03:43 PM


Has the jacket sold? If not I am very interested. What price would you accept. And would you ship to an (APO AE) address, it is a US Army Address overseas, it is treated like a NY Post office box.

Please let me know, I am wanting this jacket quite badly.

Ps. I am about 5'7 154lbs, I think I am in between a 40-38. How do you feel the jacket fits, are you around the same hight and weight?

Thanks, ~Kelly

swellison on 01/19/13 at 03:54 PM

Howdy, Yes, the jacket has sold. Your about as tall as I am, and therefore I would be careful when buying this jacket—it was too long for me; so much so that I couldn't wear it on my motorcycle (it was very uncomfortable just sitting down in general). The jacket's length bunches and pushes up against my neck whenever I sat down. This probably isn't a problem for taller folks, but the shorter you are, the more likely there will be a problem as the jacket's length doesn't change along with chest size (i.e. sizes 38, 36, and 34 are all the same length according to Schott). That said, the quality and workmanship were great. I'm still considering ordering a custom jacket; although, I understand they start around $1,500. -S

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