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141 or 641?

Hello Gail!

Last week I asked you through e-mail for some info about a cafe racer jacket I was interested in. You answered that it was from the 80's (for the label style) but could't tell which model is by a picture. But now, I bought this size 44 jacket and it fits me pretty snug, (like a glove, as everybody else likes to say). Once you said my size on 618 perfecto model is a 42, based on my 40" chest size and 5'7 height. Considering that fact,  is there any chance of figuring out which model and year this jacket is? I have more pictures taken by myself.

the pocket tag is faded.

the color of the leather is not black-black, it looks like some kind of dark grey with some brownish-reddish shade, if that makes sense...

the sleeve zipper pulls have no logo

please excuse the excessive amount of pics, and my horrible english as usual.

thanks Gail, you are great.


Gail on 04/02/13 at 08:22 AM

I'm really sorry, but I cannot tell you any more information on the type of leather. It appears that the fading of the leather color is a result of alot of riding in the sun for mmany years. Gail

garzo on 04/06/13 at 03:21 AM

Interesting, it looks like it has an inside pocket. I thought inside pockets were relatively new on the cafe racers. But the metal zipper on the zip-out liner suggests it is much older, as the newer jackets have a plastic zip.

Gail on 04/08/13 at 07:23 AM

When buying a used jacket, the history of the jacket is always unknown. The metal zipper and Sportswear label confirms it is an older jacket. It is very possible the previous owner added the inside pocket. Gail

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